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Access Center

Global Campus Students

New Students

If you are not currently registered with the Access Center, please follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Please fill out an application using MyAccess. Please be sure to indicate that you are a Global Campus student.
  2. Please review the Access Center Documentation Guidelines:
  3. At the end of the Application, you will be prompted to submit documentation. You can submit documentation via: Email:, Fax: 509-335-8511, or directly upload it into MyAccess using the link provided.
  4. Upon receipt of your application and documentation, your will receive an email at your MyWSU email address requesting that you contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our Access Advisors. This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes; Appropriate and reasonable accommodations will be arranged during this appointment.

If you have questions, please contact us at 509-335-3417 or


Please note the procedures for receiving disability related accommodations have changed. Please visit our Current Students page.

Global Campus Students

All WSU Global Campus students who need accommodations based on a documented disability will need to request accommodations each semester that accommodations are needed. Requests can be done via MyAccess.

Please review our tutorials before logging into MyAccess, and contact your Access Advisor if you have any questions about our new system.


As soon as your semester course schedule is finalized, log in to MyAccess and request accommodations for each of the classes you need accommodations.

Please take note of your check in date, found on the first page of your MyAccess dashboard.

MYAccess dashboard includes reminders and todo lists

If your Expiration date falls within the semester for which you are requesting accommodations, you will need to check in with your advisor before requesting accommodations through MyAccess. Please contact the Access Center to arrange a 15 minute telephone check-in appointment with your Access Advisor.

Either email or call 509-335-3417 to arrange this appointment.
You may also arrange an in-person appointment if you prefer.

1. All students who have authorized accommodations will be responsible for confirming that their instructor received a copy of their accommodation form. This form is emailed out through MyAccess, but students MUST follow up with their instructors. This procedure will facilitate communication between the student and the instructor and ensure students accommodations are put in place quickly.

2. Accommodation questions: If you or your faculty members have any questions or concerns regarding your accommodations at any time during the semester, please contact your WSU Access Advisor.

WSU Pullman Access Advisors:
Meredyth Goodwin:
Juli Anderson
Sophia Tsai
Rochelle Thompson

Office phone number: 509-335-3417