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Access Center


  • We understand that transitioning to online learning will present challenges.  Here are FAQs that will help answer some of your questions about your accommodations in this new learning environment. 


  • Do my accommodations remain active?

    Yes. However, for some or all classes you may find that either a few accommodations are no longer needed, some accommodations may need to change, and/or you may find that you need additional or new accommodations.  

  • Will I be able to modify or add new accommodations, due to barriers I might experience learning in the online environment?

    Since you will not know how the switch to distance learning will impact you in each of your courses, you are encouraged to contact your Access Advisor to explore possible changes to accommodations, if necessary.  Reasonable modifications to accommodations will then be made and faculty will be informed accordingly.

    Please email your Access Advisor directly with your concerns or contact to schedule a Zoom appointment.  (Email addresses below). 

    If you are not yet registered with the Access Center, please review our New Student Procedures. You are also invited to make a Zoom appointment if you wish to speak with an Access Advisor to learn how the Access Center may be able to assist you.

    Access Advisor names and emails: 

    • Rochelle Dach:                 
    • Ashley Detore                  
    • Meredyth Goodwin      
    • Davi Kallman                     
    • Rob Morales                      

  • Is the Access Center still open?

    Yes, our full-time staff are available via email and Zoom for all communication and appointments. Our physical locations is closed, however.

    Please either send an email directly to your Access Advisor with your questions or send an email to to request that your Access Advisor contact you.

  • I am concerned about learning in the online environment. What do I do?

    We encourage you to email your Access Advisor with your concerns, especially if they are connected to your disability. We can help connect you with the resources you might need as well as provide guidance on how to reduce or remove barriers you may face. 

    If you are concerned about time management, the Academic Success and Career Center is providing academic coaching using Zoom:

    If you are concerned about having access to tutoring, outside of what your instructor can provide, ASCC tutors are still available using Zoom.

  • Will I still need to take the Junior Writing Portfolio before I register for classes?

    No. Here is information from the Writing Program:

    Due to the ongoing concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic we are releasing registration holds for all students. 

    However, the University Writing Portfolio is still a graduation requirement, and fulfilling this requirement is still your responsibility. If you are not graduating this spring please be aware that your requirement will need to be completed during the fall 2020 semester.

    If you have applied for May 2020 graduation and have not completed your University Writing Portfolio, please contact the Writing Program for further information:; 509-335-7959. You will be asked to write a single brief essay which will not be timed or proctored. 

  • I can't return to the residence hall due to my medical condition. Will I receive a housing/dining refund?

    Please direct all questions regarding Housing to: . In addition, the WSU Updates on Coronavirus COVID-19 may answer your questions.


  • How will testing accommodations take place?

    It will depend on the nature of your online exam (are they proctored or unproctored?) and the nature of your accommodations.

    If online testing does not present a barrier for you, you are expected to take your exams online from your home.

    If you are concerned about taking proctored exams in the online environment, contact your Access Advisor as soon as possible. 

  • How will I receive extended time in the online environment?

    Your instructor is responsible for extending your time in the online exam environment. Remind your instructor 1 - 2 days prior to each exam to extend the length of time in the online environment for you. 

  • How do I confirm that my exam time has been extended? Should I begin my exam if time hasn't been extended?

    The time allotted should be visible in Blackboard next to the title of your exam. If your time has not been extended, notify your instructor ASAP and copy so that we may reach out to your instructor as well.

    Do not begin the exam until you have verified that the extended time has been put in place. 

  • I have certain testing accommodations that require on-site proctoring or may not work well with online proctoring. Is the Access Center open for Proctoring?

    The Access Center is not open to proctor exams.

    Because of this, the following accommodations/situations may require modifications in the online testing environment. Please contact your Access Advisor and instructor to discuss what is possible. 

    • When students use Memory Aids/Reader/Scribe/Calculator/Assistive Technology
    • When virtual proctoring presents barriers
    • When students need paper exams

  • Do I need to schedule my online exams in MyAccess?

    NO. Since your faculty members will be administering the online exams, it will be the responsibility of instructors to increase the length of time for each student who receives accommodations. 

    Our advice, with regard to taking exams in the online environment:   

    • Remind your instructor 1-2 days prior to EACH exam to extend the length of time in the online environment for you.
    • Do NOT begin the exam until you have verified that the extended time has been put in place.  The time allotted should be visible in Blackboard next to the title of your exam. If your time has not been extended, notify your instructor ASAP and copy so that we may reach out to your instructor as well.  

  • What are my responsibilities to ensure my testing (and other) accommodations are in place? What are my instructors' responsibilities?

    Student Responsibilities: 

    • Communicate with your instructor about the accommodations you will need for the new distance learning environment.
    • Communicate with your Access Advisor right away if you need to make adjustments to your accommodations. 
    • Communicate with your instructor and your Access Advisor if you experience difficulties with the new environment (technical or otherwise).


    Instructors’ Responsibilities: 

    • Put accommodations in place for students working with the Access Center. (e.g. extend time available for exams and quizzes, provide Access Center with course materials that need to be converted for students with alternative format accommodations, provide access to lecture materials on an ongoing basis for students with lecture capture accommodations, etc).
    • Communicate with student’s Access Advisor if they feel an accommodation is unreasonable or does not work for the course structure.
    • Partner with the student and the Access Center in determining and implementing reasonable accommodations for students. 


  • Will I be able to access my lecture/educational materials on an ongoing basis?

    Instructors who are pre-recording lectures and making them available to all students should leave these open and available on an ongoing basis for students to access.

    Instructors using synchronous meetings (lectures/presentations that occur at a specified time) may not be recording these sessions. If this is the case:

    • Students with accommodations for recording lecture will need to record the lecture using their laptop, cell phone, smart pen, or other recording device. Please contact if you have questions on how to do this. 
    • Students with Access to PowerPoints will need to follow up with their instructor to have PowerPoints (if they are used) sent to them separately.

    Students with notetakers will be provided notes by their assigned notetaker. Please email if you having issues receiving or accessing your notes.  

  • Will I still receive lecture notes from my notetaker?

    All notetakers have been instructed to continue to provide notes if the course structure lends itself to taking notes (i.e. if your instructor continues to give lectures in real time).  We encourage you to communicate with both your instructor and Access Advisor if you have any questions or concerns. You may also email your notetaker (their email address is accessible in MyAccess, within Notetaking Services). You may find that you no longer need notes, as all the lecture information may be accessible.


  • How will my Flex-agreements be impacted?

    Flexible Agreements may need to be altered or modified based on the new class structure. Please communicate with your instructor and Access Advisor to ensure proper amendments are made as needed.