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Access Center

Campus Access

For individuals with mobility challenges, there are several campus and community services that may be helpful.  The CAT Van is a service sponsored by ASWSU that provides accessible transportation on campus.  This service is free of charge to students with mobility challenges.  If you live off campus, Pullman Dial-A-Ride will provide you accessible transportation to and from campus.   The Campus Map provides a brief description of each campus building.  Click on Accessibility to learn more about elevator and restroom location. Be sure to check-out the Parking Map and Disabled Parking links to learn about disabled parking on campus.   Should you need assistance with snow removal, click on Snow Removal to learn how the university can assist you.


If you have a need for certain disability-related accommodations while visiting, please contact the office or program you are visiting to make the request.  They will make arrangements to meet your needs.  

Please note:  The Access Center does not lend or rent wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.