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Access Center

Welcome to WSU!

We are happy you have chosen to attend WSU and we are eager to assist you while you are here.

Accommodations for New Coug Orientation

If you need accommodations for New Coug Orientation, such as housing accommodations, please make sure to indicate on the New Coug Orientation Registration form what accommodations you will need based on a disability or medical condition. If you need accommodations for a program, event, or for your placement exams, please indicate the specifics of what you need. In addition, submit an application for accommodations and documentation to the Access Center.

Procedures to Apply for Accommodations

  1. Please submit an Academic Accommodation application or a Housing Accommodation application. Depending on your needs, you may need to apply for both. You will be prompted to upload documentation to your application(s).
  2. After we receive your application and documentation, we will contact you for a brief phone or Zoom interview. If we do not receive a response from you, we will follow up with an email each week to discuss your needs for New Coug Orientation.
  3. Once appropriate accommodations are determined, we will inform New Coug Orientation and other offices on campus (if applicable) about your needs.

Please Note: There are two different applications for Housing Accommodations and Academic Accommodations. Please be sure to complete the correct one. Submitting the incorrect application may result in delays in processing. 

Examples of Typical Housing Accommodations

Typical Accommodation Type Typical Accommodation Provide
Housing Accommodation Building access, single room, air conditioner, private or semi-private bath, emotional support animal (ESA), personal attendant, dietary needs

Examples of Typical Programming/Event Accommodations

  • Preferential Seating
  • Access to PowerPoints
  • Closed Captioning for videos
  • Automatic, real-time captioning in the zoom environment

WSU Placement Exams

Most of the information you need can be found via the links on this page.

Writing Placement Exam:

  1. There is no time limit.
  2. Once you sign in, you have a week to completed the assessment.
  3. You may use spell check, grammar check or other resources for assistance; however, you must be the sole author of the essay.
  4. Qualtrics is compatible with assistive technology.

Math Placement Assessment (MPA):

  1. Solve all problems on our own. 
  2. Do not use any books or online resources or ask for assistance from any other person.
  3. Extended time is built in: The MPA is available for 24 hours. If you log out and back in, your work will automatically be saved.
  4. The assessment is unproctored the first time. If you wish to take it again, the assessment must be proctored.
  5. Calculators: Four-function calculators may be used for all questions if approved as an accommodation.
  6. Do you use assistive technology? The MPA may not be 100% compatible with screen readers. Speak to an adivsor at the Access Center for guidance.