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Access Center


  • What is my responsibility if a student has testing accommodations?

    Faculty members may choose to proctor students within their department as long as they are able to provide the student with their accommodations.  Alternately, students may take their exams at the Access Center.  If this is the preferred option, you will need to provide the Testing Office with an Alternative Testing Agreement, indicating how you would like the exam to be proctored, and how it should be returned.  Instructors are responsible for providing testing materials to the Access Center in a timely manner.  If you have any questions, you may contact Cassondra Yarlott at 335-8079, or

  • What is the process when a student has a disability that requires an accommodation?

    • The student provides professional documentation of his/her disability to the Access Center.
    • An Access Advisor reviews the documentation and meets with the student to determine what reasonable accommodations are needed to meet our legal obligation to the student.
    • The student brings their instructor an Accommodation Form, which they sign, to indicate awareness of the accommodations.
    • Over the course of the semester, if a student’s needs change, he or she will meet with their Access Advisor to create a new Accommodation Form.
    • Some accommodations may require some discussion with your instructor, to achieve the best fit for the student.

  • If a student requests a notetaker, what is my responsibility?

    1. Meet with student to discuss notetaking accommodation and sign Accommodation Form.
    2. Acknowledge receipt of notetaking request and information from Notetaking Coordinator.
    3. Make an in-class announcement each class period for one week requesting the services of a volunteer notetaker.
    4. Maintain confidentiality by not identifying student directly to the class or prospective notetakers.
    5. Email names and contact information of prospective volunteers to Notetaking Coordinator
    6. Inform prospective volunteers to contact Access Center.

  • Am I allowed to request documentation from the student for any reason?

    You may not request documentation from the student.  If you have questions or concerns regarding an accommodation, we encourage you to contact the Access Center to speak directly with the student’s Access Advisor.