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Disability Awareness Symposium cover image (March 28 & 29)

Diversity includes all people. We all come from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities.

The Disability Awareness Symposium will bring issues of disability to the diversity table.

Through presentations, “deep dives,” and panel discussions, students, staff and faculty will have the opportunity to identify the barriers to equal access and opportunity, discuss what causes these barriers, and what is necessary to remove them.  Barriers to access and opportunity are common and we hope to bring attention to many.

The focus will be on achieving access through universal design—website accessibility, classroom technology, curriculum development and the built environment.  In addition, the symposium will bring focus to the attitudinal barriers that face many people with disabilities today, especially those with learning differences and mental health conditions, and how to address them.  A discussion of universal design principles will begin to address the question “what should equity and inclusion look like in our society?”


Individual presentation survey is now live.
Exit Survey is now available.
Program Overview is available.

All presentations, panels, and keynote addresses are currently being live captioned and will be available for future viewing soon. Please email if you would also like a copy of powerpoints or handouts used during the symposium.

Symposium Videos

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Holly Ashkannejhad, Helpful Tips for Compliance with Executive Policy 15 for Faculty or Instructors Working with Students or Staff with Disabilities - (YouTube)
Katie Noble, Understanding the Impact of Mental Health in College - (YouTube)
Dr. Leeann Hunter, Empowerment through Storytelling - (YouTube)
Sierra Wu, Gabriel Morales - Reading & Notetaking Tools - (YouTube)
Acacia Kapusta, Ableism in Our Everyday Language - (YouTube)
Nigel Joseph, Accepting Limitations to Hone Greatness - (YouTube)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dan Maher, "Experience Through Words and Song" - (YouTube)
Panel Discussion - Student, Student Experience with Navigating Academia - (YouTube)
Panel Discussion – Faculty/Staff, Navigating the World of Academia with a Disability - (YouTube)