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Access Center

April 8, 2019

Events start at 9:00 AM

CUB Senior Ballroom & Butch's Den

Disability as portrayed in the media often informs the way people view the disability community. Whether it’s as the hero, the “poor dying child,” or a source of inspiration, disability has been unrealistically depicted in the media throughout history.

This year’s Disability Awareness Symposium will focus on the importance of appropriate and realistic media representation of disability. 

The portrayal and misperception of disability in the media will be explored through workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. Through conversation, we will begin to break down the negative stigma that is so often associated with the disability community.

The goal of the Symposium is to educate students, staff, faculty, and community members on how to become advocates for disability and to recognize that each person holds the responsibility to help change perceptions of disability, both on screen and off.  


This Symposium is funded by S&A fees. The Symposium is sponsored by The Disabled Student and Allies Club (DSAAC) and the Access Center.


Watch the Symposium Live!

Closed Captioning will be available in the stream and will be embedded after the event

Please email if you would also like a copy of powerpoints or handouts used during the symposium.

Videos from 2018's Symposium

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Holly Ashkannejhad, Helpful Tips for Compliance with Executive Policy 15 for Faculty or Instructors Working with Students or Staff with Disabilities - (YouTube)
Katie Noble, Understanding the Impact of Mental Health in College - (YouTube)
Dr. Leeann Hunter, Empowerment through Storytelling - (YouTube)
Sierra Wu, Gabriel Morales - Reading & Notetaking Tools - (YouTube)
Acacia Kapusta, Ableism in Our Everyday Language - (YouTube)
Nigel Joseph, Accepting Limitations to Hone Greatness - (YouTube)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dan Maher, "Experience Through Words and Song" - (YouTube)
Panel Discussion - Student, Student Experience with Navigating Academia - (YouTube)
Panel Discussion – Faculty/Staff, Navigating the World of Academia with a Disability - (YouTube)