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Access Center

HeArt and Mind Exhibit Details

Presentation Schedule

11:10 am Bethany Pitchford
11:20 am Access Center
11:30 am Makena Horne
11:40 am Lonnie Nelson/Susan Collins (11:40 and 11:50 slots)
12:00 pm Ian Stark
12:10 pm Portia Simmons
12:20 pm Bashi Alviso
12:30 pm AJ LaRiviere
12:40 pm Stephanie Harris
12:50 pm Melia Kaplan-Hartnett
1:00 pm Angela C. Brittain
1:10 pm Kejia Gu
1:20 pm Video of Leo Ross
1:30 pm Rebecca Johnson
1:40 pm Moe Whitcomb
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HeArt and Mind Artist Submissions

Bethany Pitchford

Presents at 11:10am

Makena Horne

Presents at 11:30am

Black-and-white depiction of a woman with a braid hanging over chest and a rainbow colored spinal cord.

Lonnie Nelson/Susan Collins

Present at 11:40am and 11:50am

Ian Stark

Presents at 12:00pm

Fragmented drawing of a portrait. Artist will explain further during presentation and this description will be updated.

Portia Simmons - 1

Presents at 12:10pm

Cartoon drawing of a character sitting in a corner on the floor with arms crossed and a white sheet drapped over them with eye and mouth holes cut out.

Portia Simmons - 2

Presents at 12:10pm

Mask with accentuated eyes and lips, decorative handles as ears and flowers coming up from behind it.

Portia Simmons - 3

Presents at 12:10pm

Cartoon image of the devil talking on the phone saying, "Hello?" with a hand coming from the bottom of the image holding a pair of scissors to the phone cord.

Bashi Alviso - Hold Her Tenderly

Presents at 12:20pm

Cartoon of woman with long flowing har, arched over with her hand on her thigh. She has no shirt and is covering her chest with a large heart.

AJ LaRiviere

Presents at 12:30pm

Person with a tiger and dragon breaking out of their chest.

Stephanie Harris

Presents at 12:40pm

Picture of a painting on a wooden wall shelf with a vine drapped across the bottom. The painting depicts swooshes of colors emerging from the bottom flowing to the top in a pattern similar to a double helix.

Melia Kaplan-Hartnett: What I Gained

Presents at 12:50pm

Magazine clippings that read, from top to bottom, left to right: The last 27 months informed travel trapped in assumptions by people about injected music with one closed exit. The night warriors sitting by technology rely through data at new fire. Everything quickly changing the bold vortex center. A powerful woman by sand street observation knocks my fear to spoken end. Ears ask for help exploring out sketchbook letter and music lives your choice. A story exchange profiles who we create. Disorders place danger on new fiction.

Angela C. Brittain - Celebration of Self and the Fount Within

Presents at 1:00pm

Picture of a smooth lake with a tree line behind the lake reflecting off of the surface of the lake.

What is it of “self” that seeks to be loved? 

To be recognized and truly heard. 

Seen in totality and fully known. 

Scars, flaws, and idiosyncrasies bared. 

There is fear yet freedom in the baring – 

Freedom that takes flight when love depends not upon approval, 

But rather from a deep well within. 

This type of fount will not run dry, 

But continually serve to refresh and nourish the soul. 

Kejia Gu - Poem

Presents at 1:10pm

Poem that reads: Beyond cliff, under rock, not supposed to germinate, already grew madly. Pain, passion, to be suppressed. Daydreams, fantasy, yet shattered.

Keija Gu - 1

Presents at 1:10pm

Painting with brown textured paint going solid from bottom to top while fading towards the top.

Keija Gu - 2

Presents at 1:10pm

Painting with brown solid from top to bottom and fading to white at bottom.

Leo Ross

Presents at 1:20pm

Artist will explain image during presentation. This description will be updated accordingly.

Leo Ross - Video

Presents at 1:20pm

Rebecca Johnson - 1

Presents at 1:30pm

Rebecca holding a painting of blue and white swirling towards the center.

Rebecca Johnson - 2

Presents at 1:30pm

Painting of purple hills with blue streams flowing through the valleys.

Moe Whitcomb

Presents at 1:40pm

Cartoon image of a person with short brown hair, a nose ring and two hoop earrings. The one on the left reads, "they" and the one on the right reads, "them."

Moe Whitcomb - 2

Presents at 1:40pm

Cartoon drawing of a blue flower.

Stephanie Broussard - Chicago Local 476

Will not be presenting.

Artistic rendition of person as large as skyscrappers sitting in a throne over the Chicago skyline.

Stephanie Broussard - Painting in the Palouse

Will not be presenting.

Person sitting in a throne over the hills of the Palouse with many hands holding paint brushes drawn as touching up parts of the painting.