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Empowered to Rise: Acknowledging My Multiple Identities with Jose Rosario

This talk is where I share my personal story and discuss how acknowledging my identities changed the ways in which I engage in advocacy and clinical work. More specifically, I talk about connecting with people because of my personal experiences of difference. This personal growth reminds me that each individual we support has intersecting identities that must be considered in order to truly promote healing. My hope is that by the end of the talk, the audience begins to consider their identities and how this impacts their work. Above all, I want to make it clear that our stories have power and being vulnerable allows us to connect. It is crucial to empower those who feel silenced to share their whole truth.

Bio: This presentation is hosted by empowerment speaker, author, and mental health and human rights activist, Jose Rosario. Jose uses his disability to connect individuals to the world, as a Latino, gay man who utilizes a wheelchair, Jose recognizes that there are common experiences that bring people together that taking stock of who we are gives us power. Rosario is a speaker, author and above all, an advocate. As a member of many diverse identity groups, speaker José Rosario recognizes that there are common experiences that can bring people together and that taking stock of who we are gives us power. As a mental health professional, José understands that this empowerment and the creation of a space to be vulnerable can lead to individual and group growth, awakening agents for change. José is a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student at Clark University where his work focuses on disparities in effective mental health care after violent events that target specific identity groups.
When: November 4, 2020 from 11:00 am-12:30 pm (PT)