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Access Center

The Privilege of Passing: Always Proud but Tired of Being Loud

Through the use of storytelling, this presentation will address common myths about bisexuality and disability while addressing passing privilege from a disabled and queer perspective. Sophie will take the audience through her journey of self-identifying, coming out (and coming out, and coming out) and ongoing acceptance, as she elaborates on the battle against systemic and internalized ableism and biphobia. Sophie invites audience members to join her in questioning their preconceived notions of identity expression and community acceptance.

Sophie wearing a black and white dress, standing in front of a mountain vista with her hand on hip, smiling.

About Sophie Poost

Sophie Poost (she/her) is a white, queer/bisexual, disabled activist and advocate. Sophie became involved in disability and LGBTQIA2S+ advocacy as a college student when she and other members of these communities experienced systematic and systemic barriers. These experiences led to her involvement with the school’s multicultural center and eventually her path of lifelong advocacy and activism. Sophie is passionate about helping young disabled leaders find their voice and connect with the larger disability community. She works at American Association of People with Disabilities as the Programs Coordinator working on the Summer Internship Program. Sophie volunteers with Disability EmpowHer Network as a mentor and member of their social media committee, and their Application Review Workgroup. Additionally, Sophie has joined disabled activists in direct actions as an organizer with the grassroots nonviolent disability rights organization, ADAPT. Sophie enjoys baking and eating pie and cuddling with her dogs.