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Dr. Stramondo speaking at an event.

About Dr. Stramondo

Dr. Joseph Stramondo is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of the Institute for Ethics and Public Affairs at San Diego State University.  He holds a PhD in philosophy and MA in Public Policy Studies. Broadly, his teaching and research focus on how social and political forces shape the institutions and practices of bio-medicine in morally significant ways. Namely, he studies how various systems of oppression – especially those pertaining to disability – have influenced bioethical thought, education, policy, and practice. He has published more than 20 scholarly articles and book chapters on topics including: informed consent procedures, moral conflict in medicine, prenatal diagnosis and selection, organ transplantation, physician aid in dying, rationing critical care, assistive technology, and brain computer interface technology. Currently, he is co-authoring a book tentatively titled  Learning How to Look in Bioethics: Race, Gender, Disability, and Sexuality, currently under contract with Routledge. In addition, he has a second book proposal under review: The Ethics of Choosing Disability.